Publications & Presentations


“The Mechanical Gardener and the Early Melon: Towards an Environmental History of Timekeeping, 1660-1820,” Environmental History (April, 2017)

“When We Repealed Daylight Saving Time,” Edge Effects. link.

“Seven Ways of Looking at an Eclipse,” Edge Effects; co-authored with members of the Editorial Board. link

“A Reading List to Stay Grounded on Earth Day,” Edge Effects; co-authored with Bailey Albrecht. link

“Postcards from the Field,” Edge Effects; co-authored. link

“The Logbook as Timekeeper” Conversant. link

“Interview: Dr. Kate Brown on Atomic Cities, the Mirage of Safety, and the Word ‘Environment.'” Edge Effects. link

“Chloroform and Butcher Birds: Violence in Late 19th Century Children’s Literature.” Edge Effects. link

“Reflections on Extraction 2: Whose Risks, Whose Choices? ‘Toxic Depths’” Edge Effects. link


Selected Presentations

“Darwin’s Field Notes from Mars,” American Society of Environmental Historians (ASEH), April, 2019
“The Climate of ‘Electroculture’,” American Society of Environmental Historians (ASEH), March, 2018


Panel Organizer: “Modern Organic Time” presenting a paper titled: “Drip, Drip, Drop Goes the Factory Clock: Water, Climate and the Design of American Cotton Mills, 1830-1870” panel accepted History of Science Society (HSS), 2017
“Midnight in the Electroculturists’ Garden” Tuesday Colloquium, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, 2017
“The Scientific Sailor and Global Time,” Paper presentation to the Colonial Dames of Wisconsin, September, 2017.


“A Universal Guide to Local Place and Time: Standardizing Organic Time on Land and at Sea 1750-1830,” American Society of Environmental Historians (ASEH) 2017